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In this article, I want to share how my passion for music and teaching experience paved the way for the creation of an online store.

Musician, Teacher, Businessman

My name is Dias, and I come from a family of professional musicians. I am a certified concert classical and jazz pianist, as well as a teacher. My stage experience spans from playing on the streets and in lively bars and restaurants to performing in international concert halls.

Teaching has been a diverse journey for me, ranging from private lessons to instructing in higher music institutions. My students, encompassing absolute beginners to seasoned professional concert performers, have achieved success, earning laurels at international competitions in countries such as Germany, Russia, and the USA.

Beyond merely sharing knowledge, my aim is to craft unique compositions and arrangements for my students, covering a spectrum of styles from light adaptations of classics to concert paraphrases. The wealth of material I’ve accumulated inspired me to launch an online store, which came to life on January 15, 2023.

Philosophy and Concept

Store Dias stands as an online portal offering a diverse array of sheet music arrangements, spanning classical, jazz, folk, and traditional melodies, alongside children’s songs, Christmas and New Year’s tunes, and original compositions. In addition to these you will find video lessons and theoretical materials.

A professional approach, user-friendliness, visual aesthetics, and clear presentation of information define each product in store. The convenience of instant sheet music downloads, enabling you to play and learn anywhere in the world, is a cornerstone advantage of platform.

Unique Selling Propositions


Discover classical compositions reimagined in jazz and contemporary arrangements. This category caters to performers of various skill levels, appealing to both enthusiasts and professional concert musicians looking to diversify their repertoire.

Teacher & Student

This specialized category is tailored for teachers. The soloist part (Student) is crafted with utmost simplicity for beginners and even includes fingering guidance. The teacher and accompaniment parts are meticulously transcribed in small print, ensuring a comprehensive resource for both instructors and their students.

Airat Karimov

Explore the extraordinary compositions of my main teacher, composer, and pianist, Airat Karimov. Delve into a diverse collection of his original works, showcasing various complexities, genres, and styles.

Video Lessons

Beyond sheet music arrangements, the store provides an invaluable resource – video lessons. Covering theory, improvisation, and piece analysis, these lessons offer an additional dimension to your learning experience. Enhance your musical journey by not only relying on sheet music but also by engaging with visual demonstrations and auditory explanations. Explore the multifaceted world of music through comprehensive video lessons.

Product Creation

The process of crafting an arrangement or developing a video course is incredibly diverse, taking anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 years, contingent upon its complexity. This multifaceted journey is intricately tied to the specific demands of each endeavor. During my venture into the realm of online business, I recognized the parallels between this field and music. Here, creativity, a penchant for innovative solutions, and the capacity to improvise are held in high regard.

Thanks to digital technology, and particularly the professional work of “Text & Wert” (Wiesbaden, Germany), whose services I utilized, I was able to bring the idea to life.

Store Dias stands as the product of fusing a deep love for music with cutting-edge digital technology.

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Welcome to, where the guiding principle is: “It doesn‘t matter what you play, but how you play it”

Respectfully, Dias

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