Klavier Improvisation. First Steps


Duration: about 1 hour
Number of lessons: 5
PDF Book: Inclusive
Level: Intermediate
Language: German


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Klavier Improvisation. First Steps


Who is this course for?
For classical pianists, as well as musicians who wish to learn improvisation on Piano (Klavier)

Knowledge of musical notation. Basic knowledge of music theory. Mastery of the academic piano.

The course aims to teach piano improvisation in a clear and concise manner, with exercises designed to help students let go of their reliance on sheet music and develop their imagination and coordination.

It also includes an introduction to different musical styles such as blues, ragtime, reggae… The system of chord symbols, the structure of harmonies and their application are explained. In addition to the theory, each lesson includes a practical part with concrete tasks and exercises aimed at deepening the information received. The course is suitable for academic pianists and instrumentalists who possess fundamental knowledge of music theory and are acquainted with musical notation.

Tip: Do not try to skim all the lessons superficially and just repeat and copy. You will achieve the best results if you understand the information very thoroughly and then work through the practical part and, at most, try to use your imagination in playing (even with a metronome if you like) on the basis of the theoretical knowledge you have acquired. Only when you have fully grasped and understood the principle, you can proceed to the next lesson.

Despite the compactness of the lessons, it may take some time to achieve the result and complete freedom in improvisation.

Good luck!


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