Ear Training. Active Listening


Visual listening exercises: over 60

One-Voice Dictations: 25 (mp3 + PDF)

Two-Voice Dictations: 15 (mp3 + PDF)

For all Languages: no words, just music and exercises


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Ear Training. Active Listening

Welcome to our Ear Training video course, designed to help you sharpen your musical hearing skills with visual and auditory exercises. Our course offers over 60 visual listening exercises to give you ample opportunities to improve your musical interpretation abilities.

In addition to visual exercises, we also provide one-voice and two-voice dictations in mp3 and PDF formats. These exercises will help you recognize melody, harmony, rhythm, and tempo, developing your skills in these areas. Our course is available to musicians of all levels, regardless of language or music genre.

At our Ear Training video course, we believe that active listening is the key to improving your musical ear. Therefore, our exercises focus solely on music, with no words involved, to provide an immersive musical experience. By recognizing different musical patterns and structures, you’ll be able to identify them more easily in future pieces of music.

Our video course is designed to give you the flexibility to practice at your own pace and convenience. You can repeat the exercises as many times as you need to perfect your skills. Moreover, our exercises cater to different learning styles, making it easier for you to retain the information and apply it in your music practice.

By taking our Ear Training video course, you’ll not only improve your musical hearing skills, but also enhance your overall music performance. Whether you are a professional musician who wants to keep in shape, a full-time student, an applicant for admission to college, or a hobbyist for whom music is a hobby, our course will help you reach your full potential and enjoy music on a deeper level.

Learn and practice your skills from anywhere in the world at your convenience with just any device: smartphone, tablet, computer, or laptop.

I wish you patience, motivation and success!

Respectfully, Dias

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