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Crossover Piano Book is a collection of classical works in jazz and contemporary arrangements by Dias Karimov.  Includes well-known works by composers such as J.S. Bach, S. Gounod, A. Marcello, L. van Beethoven, and J. Pachelbel.

Among the works featured in the book you will find:

1. Ave Maria (J.S.Bach-Ch.Gounod) – transcription combines 2 works into one.
2. Adagio from Concerto No. 3 in D minor (A.Marcello-J.S.Bach) with another original Bass Solo.
3. Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor, Op. 13 “Pathetique”: II. Adagio cantabile (L. van Beethoven), one of Beethoven’s most famous works, contains an improvisational jazzy middle section.
4. Canon in D Major (J. Pachelbel) – this piece needs no introduction, but this arrangement is in a fusion of Reggae and Jazz styles.
5. Air on the G String from Suite in D Major (J. S. Bach) – Piano Arrangement is written in the R&B style.

If you are a professional pianist who wants to widen your musical horizons, a music educator who desires fresh and innovative repertoire for your students, or a music enthusiast who is constantly in search of new and thrilling sounds, then the Crossover Piano Book is an indispensable addition to your music library.

Crossover Piano is a relatively new genre of music that has emerged in recent years, fusing classical music with jazz and contemporary elements. It combines the harmonic complexity and melodic richness of classical music with the rhythmic and improvisational qualities of jazz, and the modern production techniques and instrumentation of contemporary music. The result is a unique and fresh sound that appeals to a wide audience, including classical music lovers, jazz enthusiasts, and fans of modern music.

Piano Crossover Arrangements in PDF